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  • Ease of use
  • Enjoyment
  • Meets expectation
  • Quality
  • Stability
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  • Value for money

Trinityrock / 2020-12-01, 11:09 PM

+5 -0

9.0 "Easy to use and operate "

  • Age 40-59
  • Competitive golfer
  • +easy to set up and manipulate
  • -Can not figure out the blue tooth . Foresight says it is brand new .
    nothing instructions about bluetooth . not sure if it should have it or not .
    Is complex with TGC2019

Darren Bell / 2019-02-09, 11:16 PM

+1 -0

9.5 "A Quality Piece of Kit"

  • Age 40-59
  • Low handicap golfer
  • Recreational golfer
  • +Plug and play with no set up required.
    Accurate ball data indoors.
    Good support from Foresight UK.
    Very accurate with Mega/Super flash.
    Chipping and putting is good with Mega/Super flash.
  • -No good for changing from right to left handed players.
    Expensive - Especially with HMT.
    Does not provide club data without HMT.
    Occasionally crashes with a really bad shank.
    Chipping and putting not very good with standard flash.

John Miller / 2016-08-14, 10:59 AM

+2 -2

5.0 "good launch monitor but there are better one for less money"

  • Age 40-59
  • Low handicap golfer
  • +good measurements for ball flight good data
  • -lacking ability to move too different handed players without moving unit. Also amount of playable games for this price is really what took the fun out of this unit and found myself going to my other simulator to have access to more selections. my review is to pass on this.

Sam Firth / 2015-12-11, 11:57 AM

+5 -0

9.5 "Best Launch Monitor - Full Stop"

  • Age 40-59
  • Competitive golfer
  • Low handicap golfer
  • +Ball data launch monitors beat club data monitors hands down, each and every time. This is not debatable, it's a fact of life. I bought my GC2 for $3300 as a reconditioned unit so the value for money is incredibly good. Units can still be found for these amazing prices if people look around. The accuracy is second to none. You can trust all of the data as being totally reliable. For sim play it's brilliant at short chips and putting alike which is a concern for people with other harware manufacturers. It is also ultra portable so it's not just a one trick pony.
  • -The unit takes images and requires the inbuilt flash to be replaced once in a blue moon. This is similar to one replacing the bulb in a projector.

mthunt / 2015-12-11, 03:23 AM

+4 -1

9.0 "It's extremely accurate and easy to use. "

  • Age 40-59
  • Competitive golfer
  • Low handicap golfer
  • +-open it and use
    -numbers are dead on
    -easily portable
  • --terrible when sharing with a left handed and right hander
    -needs to be aligned based on side view. Not a real big deal.