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Bob Burke / 2017-03-13, 11:46 PM

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7.8 "I've had this unit for over 10 years now and it has been great for my game. I started out a 12 or so handicap after not playing for almost 15 years. I am now a low single digit handicap."

  • Competitive golfer
  • Low handicap golfer
  • +Great club data. I would say the club data deserves a 9 out of 10 while the ball flight data is more a 5 out of 10. Averaging the two came out 7 and that's why I gave it three stars. The unit is very durable. One can beat it up and it still keeps going. They have driving ranges and 132+ courses with on line play including competitive tournaments that are great fun. P3pro includes videos for swing analysis that have proven very useful to me. The practice putting green is also very useful.
  • -Clubs in general have to have reflective tape added to the bottom of the club. Some irons that have a highly reflective bottom surface work without tape, but any hybrids, fairway metals or drivers that I know of will have to be taped. The tape also has to be accurately placed or it's garbage in garbage out. Software updates are sometime buggy, but they keep improving the software. One cannot ask buddies over to play.
    , because club taping becomes a hassle (unless they have an optishot or P3pro and have their clubs taped already). The videos are only 30 fps, but that still allows enough analysis to make them useful. The sensor grass top needs to be trimmed around the center club sensor LEDs to help eliminate miss reads due to fat shots.
    One has to be careful of light reflections causing miss reads. Some of the data changes when a ball is used versus no ball.

Bobby G. Curtis II / 2016-08-30, 10:39 PM

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3.5 "I got the P3 Pro Swing to help improve my game. Had more fun playing Tiger Woods PGA Golf Tour on the Xbox 360 with the kinect than on the P3 Pro Swing."

  • Age 60+
  • Mid handicap golfer
  • Recreational golfer
  • +Easy setup, nice number of Courses.
  • -Clubs have to be taped, lots of misreads and missed reads. Support blames everything on bad lighting.

wbond / 2016-01-06, 09:11 PM

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8.3 "Decent unit for club tracking, does much better job than opti"

  • Age 40-59
  • Competitive golfer
  • Low handicap golfer
  • +Number of courses included in package
    Decent graphics
    Ability to adjust club settings
    Pretty consistent measurements
    Much more accurate than opti
    Ability to add camera for LA
    Online play
  • -Taping clubs
    Greater loss of accuracy on thin/fat shots
    Lighting can cause issues
    Charge for getting an estimated spin number
    Adjusting clubs is tedious

Duncan / 2015-12-19, 02:35 PM

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6.3 "Good"

  • Age 25-39
  • Mid handicap golfer
  • +Easy setup
    Nice courses
  • -No ball data